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Identifying Car Radios By Image Lincoln Continental

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Lincoln   Lincoln-Zephyr
Lincoln-Zephyr 1936
Control head
For radio:  Philco LT-14X3
Similar:  1935-36 Ford
Lincoln-Zephyr 1937-38
AM radio 6V
Philco L-1424
Lincoln-Zephyr 1937
Control head
For radio:  Philco L-1424
Lincoln-Zephyr 1937-38
Control head
For radio:  Philco L-1424 1937
Lincoln-Zephyr 1937-39
Control head (aftermarket)
For radio:
Motorola 65
Motorola Golden Voice
Lincoln-Zephyr 1939
Radio 6V
Philco L-1660
Lincoln-Zephyr 1939
Control head 6V
Also fits 1937-38(?)
For radio:  Philco L-1660
Lincoln-Zephyr 1940
AM radio 6V
Philco L-1760
Also fits:  Lincoln Continental
Lincoln-Zephyr 1940
PB control head 6V (aftermarket)
Motorola R-528
Lincoln-Zephyr 1940
Control head
Also fits:  Lincoln Continental
Lincoln 1941 Zephyr
AM radio 6V
Zenith 7ML592
Lincoln 1942 Zephyr
AM radio 6V
Zenith 8ML692 8-ML 692 ch 8B03
Lincoln 1946-48
AM radio 6V
Zenith 7ML780 1946-48 Lincoln Custom (shown)
Zenith 7ML081 1946-48 Lincoln Continental
1946 has maroon dial with silver numbers, red indicator marks
1947-48 has blue dial with gold numbers, black indicator marks
Lincoln 1946-48 Custom, Continental
Control head
Motorola 6LNM 1946 (shown)
Lincoln 1949
Hi Fidelity AM PB radio 6V
Motorola 9ML
Note:  Shown with adapter for 1948-50 Ford truck
Lincoln 1949 (early)
Hi Fidelity AM PB radio 6V
Zenith 8ML882 9ZL
Zenith 8MM990 9ZM 1949 Mercury
Zenith 8MF881 9ZT 1949 (early) Ford truck
Zenith 8ML982 9ZL 1949 (late) Lincoln
Lincoln 1950
Hi Fidelity AM PB radio 6V
Zenith 0ZL
Lincoln 1951
Hi Fidelity AM PB radio 6V
Colonial 1CH
Lincoln 1955 Custom, Capri
AM PB radio 6V
Bendix 5BH
Lincoln 1956 Capri, Premiere
T&C AM PB radio 12V
Bendix 6BH
Similar:  FoMoCo 78BL 1957 Lincoln
Lincoln 1958 Capri, Premiere
T&C AM PB radio 12V
Bendix 85BH or 85BHP
Also fits:  Continental Mark III
Similar:  FoMoCo 95BH or 95BHP 1959 Lincoln (white dial, black numbers)
Lincoln 1958 Capri, Premiere
Travel Tuner FM radio 12V
Bendix 88BH
Note:  Mounts on transmission hump
Also fits:  1958 Continental Mark III
Lincoln 1960 Premiere, Continental Mark V
T&C AM PB radio
Bendix 05BH
Lincoln 1961-64 Continental
AM PB radio 12V
Motorola 1TMC 1961 (shown)
Motorola 2TMC 1962
Motorola 3TMC 1963
Motorola 4TMC 1964 (different faceplate)
Lincoln 1964 Continental
AM-FM PB radio 12V
Bendix F4TBC
Lincoln 1965 Continental
AM PB radio 12V
Motorola 5TMC
Motorola 5TMCF (shown)
Lincoln 1965 Continental
AM-FM PB radio 12V
Bendix TOB5TBC
Lincoln 1966-67 Continental
AM PB radio 12V
Delco 6TDC
Lincoln 1966-67 Continental
T&C AM-FM PB radio 12V
Delco F6TDC
Lincoln 1966-67 Continental
8-track AM-FM radio 12V
Motorola T6SMC 1966
Motorola T7SMC 1967 (shown)
Lincoln 1968 Continental
AM PB radio 12V
Bendix 8TBC
Lincoln 1968 Continental
8-track AM PB radio 12V
Ford p/n C8VA-18806-N Motorola T8ML
Lincoln 1968 Continental
T&C signal seeking AM-FM PB radio 12V
Bendix F8TBC
Lincoln 1969 Continental
FM stereo multiplex adapter 12V
Ford p/n C9VA-19A099FM Bendix 9MABL
Use with:  Bendix 9FBLU  Ford p/n C9VA-19A246
Lincoln 1970-71 Continental
T&C AM PB radio 12V
Ford p/n D0VA-19A244 Bendix 0BLSS 1970 (shown)
Ford p/n D1VA-19A244 Bendix 1BLSS 1971
Lincoln 1970 Continental
8-track AM PB radio 12V
Ford p/n D0VA-19A242-185
Lincoln 1972 Continental
AM PB radio 12V
Ford p/n D2VA-18806 Bendix 2BL
Lincoln 1975 Continental
8-track AM-FM stereo PB radio 12V
Philco-Ford p/n 5L-D5VA-19A168 (Canadian)

Lincoln 1975
Quadrasonic tape AM-FM stereo PB radio 12V
Motorola 5LN4805
Lincoln 1977 Continental
AM-FM stereo PB radio 12V
Aeronutronic Ford p/n CD7VF-19A241-BA
Lincoln 1978 Continental
AM-FM PB radio 12V
Aeronutronic Ford p/n D8VF 19A171 AA

Continental Mark Series   See Lincoln for 1958-60 Continental Mark III-V
Continental 1956-57 Mark II
AM PB radio 12V
Bendix 6BC
Lincoln 1968 Continental Mark III 
AM-FM stereo PB radio 12V
Bendix F8TBX
Lincoln 1969 ("1968-1/2") Continental Mark III
8-track AM PB radio 12V
Ford p/n C8LA-18806-M Motorola T8MX
Ford p/n D0LA-19A242 1970
Ford p/n D1LA-19A242-AA185 1971
Lincoln 1969-71 Continental Mark III
AM-FM stereo PB radio 12V
Ford p/n C9LA-19A241-B Bendix 9FBX 1969 (shown)
Ford p/n D0LA-19A241 Bendix 0FBX 1970
Ford p/n D1LA-19A241 Bendix 1FBX AA 1971
Lincoln 1979 Continental Mark V
Quadrasonic Tape AM-FM stereo PB radio 12V
Ford Aerospace p/n D9LF-18B826-A