Antique Vintage & Retro Tube Radio and accessories sales. Quality restorations of Art Deco, Mid Century and Jet or Atomic Age sets. Bluetooth and aux inputs added. Now offering Bluetooth Drive In Speakers and repair.


Shipping: Shipping in the US is by DHL and their Express service. In Canada, it will be Fedex ground or Loomis. In most cases, the flat rate shipping you are charged is actually subsidized. The costs may seem high but we have had great success in getting customers their radios in one piece and working. In addition to the customer service aspect, these old radios are of a finite number and preservation is important.  


Returns: Due to the inherent fragile nature of vintage electronics, and unpredictable life span of tubes and other components, no warranty is provided outside of the situations detailed below. 


In the unlikely event that the radio arrives broken or not functioning, we will take immediate steps to ensure your satisfaction. The following applies:


  • Notify us of damage or non functionality within 3 days of delivery. 


  • Send us pictures of the damaged item, including the shipping box and any damage it may have received. (Required for insurance claim) 


  • Please do not ship it back until further instructions are provided by us. Depending on the situation, either us or the insurer will request the item back for further inspection or salvage. 


If it is damaged in transit, we will file an insurance claim. Be aware, the insurer may contact you by phone or email to confirm details. Be prepared to supply a phone number and email address for this purpose. Once the item has been received by us or the insurer, the claim has been approved and paid out, your purchase price and original shipping will be refunded. 


Return shipping costs in this process are the responsibility of the buyer. We will make claim for return shipping costs but can’t predict whether it will be paid out. Again, return shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. 


If it arrives non functioning, there is likely something that has occurred during transit. All sets are bench tested prior to leaving the shop and are in good working order. In this unlikely event, the following applies:


  • Notify us of non functionality within 3 days of delivery. 


  • Be prepared to perform a few small troubleshooting techniques that may resolve simple issues. 


  • If troubleshooting is unsuccessful, we will request the radio be sent back for assessment and repairs. It must be packaged well with ample padding and insured for the purchase price. After inspection by us, if it is determined to be damage from shipping, the damage claim process above will be followed. If it is a defect in workmanship or faulty part, the set will be repaired free of charge and your return shipping refunded. 

NOTE: Purchase and use antique or vintage radios at your own risk. We will not be liable for any injury or damages resulting from the use of used, antique, electronic devices.