Antique Vintage & Retro Tube Radio and accessories sales. Quality restorations of Art Deco, Mid Century and Jet or Atomic Age sets. Bluetooth and aux inputs added. Now offering Bluetooth Drive In Speakers and repair.

Vintage, Retro & Antique Tube Radio Restoration & Repairs

Specializing in Vintage, Retro & Antique Tube Radio Repairs And Service

Have an old tube radio you would like repaired or refurbished? Perhaps you have a family heirloom or came across a great garage sale find? Maybe you are looking to buy a unique, vintage, antique or collectible tube radio with bluetooth?

Either way, you have come to the right place! Contact Us to inquire. 

 Even if the set you have is currently working, chances are if it has not been upgraded,  it may have unsafe components. Components such as resistors often drift, capacitors dry out and wire insulation crumbles, all causing an unsafe situation. Let us make your gem safely sing again for you! 

Over 25 years of experience collecting, repairing/restoring antique and vintage radios with access to an extensive database of schematics and service data for all major brands.Turn around time in the shop can be as quick as a few days!  

Refurbishing the electronic chassis is done systematically and in a comprehensive manner.

Cost of a basic electronic refurbishing is $19.99 CDN per tube in the set. The average tabletop radio has 5-7 tubes. This service includes:

  • Chassis cleaning
  • De-oxidization of tube sockets, potentiometers, band switches etc.
  • Lubrication of dial cord pulleys and tuning capacitor
  • A new line cord, plug and chassis grommet
  • Up to 10 non electrolytic capacitors
  • Test for out of spec tubes (Tubes extra)
  • Test/replace out of spec resistors
  • Replace crumbling wire insulation
  • Align set
  • Before and after photos provided upon request
  • 8 hour bench test after electronic "Surgery"
  • Schematic and brief radio history provided if available

 Often, the parts replaced as part of the basic refurbishing will resolve any issues. If further diagnostics and or parts are required, you will be notified prior to work commencing. This would include vaccuum tubes, coils, chokes, speakers and other hardware if required. 


We Also Work On Vintage Car Radios

Have a vintage car radio you are looking to repair or add bluetooth? No problem, we can help you out. We can also provide FM radio functionality to your AM only radio.  Contact Us for quote.



Tube radio bluetooth

Listen to those vintage Christmas tunes or old radio shows on demand. Stream or play your favourite audio from an iPhone, iPad or other audio device. We can also provide FM radio functionality to your AM only radio. If you are interested in this addition, please Contact Us (If circuit will accept)