Antique Vintage & Retro Tube Radio and accessories sales. Quality restorations of Art Deco, Mid Century and Jet or Atomic Age sets. Bluetooth and aux inputs added. Now offering Bluetooth Drive In Speakers and repair.

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Vintage, Retro & Antique Tube Radio Sales & Service 

 If you have any questions about our Radios, or would like to inquire about our other Vintage, Antique or Retro Tube Radio services, Please Contact Us  

If you would like a repair request, please provide the following information in your communication.

  • Make of set
  • Model of set
  • What the radio is doing or not doing
  • Services you would like
  • If you would like a phone call back

We will confirm an estimated cost and provide details on how to send us the set.

 Note: Usually the make and model is on a metal tag riveted to the chassis of the radio. If you cant locate this information, fear not, we have other ways to identify the "John Doe".