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Identifying Car Radios By Image GM Chev Trucks

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Chevrolet Trucks

Chevrolet 1937-39 truck
Control head
AC Spark Plug
Use with:  Chevrolet 985252

Chevrolet 1947-50 truck, Suburban
AM PB radio 6V
Chevrolet 986067 s/n prefix CA47 1947
Chevrolet 986067 s/n prefix CA48 1948
Chevrolet 986067 s/n prefix CA49 1949
Note:  Interchangeable
Chevrolet 1951-53 truck, Suburban
AM PB radio 6V
Chevrolet 986443
Chevrolet 1949 truck, Suburban
PB radio 6V (aftermarket)
Motorola GM9TA
Similar (different nosepieces):
Motorola CT8A 1948 Chevrolet
Motorola BK0A 1950 Buick
Motorola PC9A 1949 Pontiac
Motorola HN0 1950-51 Hudson
Chevrolet 1947-51 truck, Suburban
PB control head (aftermarket)
Motorola 7GMTA 1947
Motorola 8GMTA 1948
Motorola 9GMTA 1949
Motorola 0GMTA 1950
Motorola 1GMTA 1951 (shown)
Also fits:  1947-53 Chevrolet/GMC trucks

Chevrolet 1950-51(?) truck, Suburban
AM PB radio 6V (Canadian)
GM Autoradio 500 adapter 5840332 1950 (shown)
GM Autoradio 510 adapter 5840336 1951
Also fits:
1951 Oldsmobile 88 w/adapter 5840335
1951 Oldsmobile 98 w/adapter 5841672

Chevrolet/GMC 1950 truck, Suburban
Control head
Motorola 0GMTM
Note:  Cannot be used with radios made before 1945
Similar:  1946-50 Pontiac

Chevrolet/GMC 1952 truck, Suburban
AM PB radio/tuner unit 6V (aftermarket)
Motorola GMT2A
Note:  Requires separate audio/power unit Motorola P6-2 or P8-2
Also fits:  1947-53 Chevrolet/GMC truck

Chevrolet 1955 (late)-59 truck, Suburban
AM radio 12V
Delco 987187
Note:  Does not fit first series 1955 truck

Chevrolet 1962-63 truck
AM radio 12V
Delco 985227 1962
Delco 985471 1963 (Canadian)
Similar:  Delco 2233984 1962 GMC truck

Chevrolet 1963 truck, Suburban
All Transistor AM radio 12V (aftermarket)
Automatic TCM-3011
Note:  Fits 1960-63 Chevrolet/GMC truck
Similar:  Automatic TAC-3051 (unknown application)

Chevrolet 1964-66  truck, Suburban
AM radio 12V
Delco 985672 1964
Delco 986330 1965 (shown)
Delco 986771 1966

Chevrolet 1964 truck
AM PB radio 12V (aftermarket)
Bendix 4TBCT
Chevrolet/GMC 1966 truck
AM radio 12V (aftermarket)
Motorola CK66M

Chevrolet/GMC 1967 truck, Suburban
AM PB radio 12V
Delco 7298501 (shown)

Chevrolet/GMC 1967-72 truck, Suburban (?)
All Transistor PB radio 12V (aftermarket)
Automatic TCX-1387

Chevrolet/GMC 1967-72 truck, Suburban
Solid State AM PB radio 12V (aftermarket)
Motorola CK67A 1967
Motorola CK68A 1968
Motorola CK69A 1969
Motorola CK70A 1970
Motorola CK71A 1971 (shown)
Motorola CK72A 1972

Chevrolet/GMC 1969-70 truck, Suburban
AM PB radio 12V
Delco 91TPB1 7305841 1969 (shown)
Delco 01TPB1 7305841 1970
Delco 01TPB2 7305841 1970
Delco 11TPB1 7305841 1971
Delco 21TPB1 7305841 1972
Chevrolet/GMC 1971 truck, Suburban
AM-FM PB radio 12V
Delco 11TFP2 7936721
Chevrolet/GMC 1974-75 truck, Suburban
AM PB radio 12V
Delco 41TPB1 9343061 1974
Delco 51TPB1 9343061 1975
Chevrolet/GMC 1976 truck
AM PB radio 12V
Delco 61TPB1 9348311
Chevrolet/GMC 1978 truck
AM-FM fader PB radio 12V
Delco 81TFPK2 7896111
Chevrolet/GMC 1980 truck
AM PB radio 12V
Delco 01TPB2 16005571 (shown)
Delco 01TPB 3 16005571

Chevrolet Vans
Chevrolet/GMC 1977 van
PB radio 12V
Delco 71GVPB1 9343061

GMC Trucks


GMC 1950-53 truck
AM PB radio 6V
GMC 2233297
Similar:  GMC 2233029  1947

GMC 1951 diesel truck
AM radio 12V
Philco GM-5115
Philco CS67433 1951-52 Crosley 6V
Philco CR-501 1951-52 Universal 6V (aftermarket)

GMC 1962 truck
AM radio 12V
Delco 2233984

GMC 1963 truck
AM radio 12V
Delco 2234003
GMC 1966 truck
AM radio 12V
Delco 7293806
Similar:  Delco 7291556 1965
GMC 1966-67 truck
Roof-mount AM radio 12V
Delco 7297526