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Identifying Universal Vintage Car Radios By Brand Aircastle

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Admiral Air Chief (Firestone)  Aircastle (Spiegel) Airline (Montgomery Ward) AlliedAllstate (Sears Roebuck) American Bosch Arvin ATR (Karadio) Atwater Kent Automatic Belmont Bendix* Coronado Crosley Delco (United Motors) Detrola Eckstein (Karadio) Emerson FadaFirestone Galvin (Motorola) Gamble-Skogmo (Coronado) General Electric Goodyear Grigsby-Grunow  HowardKadette (International) Karadio LafayetteMajestic Montgomery Ward Motorola PacificPackard-Bell Philco RCA Victor

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Spiegel ____ (Sonora?)
Aircastle AM radio 6V
Universal 1939-40
Similar:  Sonora AU-10

Spiegel 139144 (Philco)
Aircastle AM radio 6V
Universal 1949
Similar:  See Philco
Spiegel 159144 (Philco)
Aircastle AM radio 6V
Universal 1950(?)
Similar:  See Philco
Spiegel 610.W-100
Aircastle AM radio 6V
Universal 1954(?)
Spiegel MP1908 (5 tube) or MP1909 (6 tube)
Aircastle Twin Cities AM radio 6V
Universal 1935(?)
Note:  Box and nameplate are believed to be upside down